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Another well known online casino that hosts a huge varieties of online casino games, Mega888. Both veterans and new players often visit this online casino website for its wide varieties of online casino games to play.

  • Stable and secured system
  • Frequent updates
  • A lot of quality and exciting games
  • Tons of games to choose from
  • Hard to find legit URL to the website
  • Slow load times at times

Mega888 is one of the biggest online casino website in Malaysia and the world. It hosts all sorts of online casino games you can imagine of, from live online casino games (using latest software) to online sports betting games.

Only The Best Online Casino Games

At Mega888 you can only find the best online casino games; so if you are in the mood for some quality and best online casino games then Mega888 is your destination for the day. Also, Mega888 has the most stable and secured online casino game environment and this thanks to their awesome IT team.

For Old And New Players Both

Whether you are a new online casino player that just have been introduced to the online casino games’ world or veterans players seeking awesome games to play, then you might have heard of Mega888. All online casino games at Mega888 are constantly updated to ensure online casino players will have smooth experience and secured while playing one of their game. Mega888 online casino games’ rooster is also updated quite frequently, so you can be sure that you will find a new online casino game pops up from time to time.


Mega888 hands down has the most exciting online casino games for online casino players experience, combined with their stable and secured system Mega888 is easily one of the top online casino website to play on.

Advantages Of Mega888

After 918Kiss, Mega888 has always been thought of as one of the best online casinos out there, a close challenger to 918Kiss’s throne. So let’s look at the advantages that Mega888 offers to their customers.

Stable And Secure System

Just like 918Kiss, offers their users a stable and secure system for their users to gamble on. This means that their users won’t have to worry about issues such as leaks of passwords and personal information.

This also lends the peace of mind for their users so that they can gamble to their heart’s liking, without any reason to really worry.

It uses secure end-to-end encryption on their platform, so this means that your information is as safe as it can be.

Frequent Updates

It is very committed to making their platform better. You can see this through the sheer amount of updates that Mega888 rolls out. They are always updating their platform to provide a better platform for their users.

In fact, if you show a picture of the Mega888 platform from 2 years ago to their newer customers, they won’t even recognize it. Mega888 is always looking for ways they can perform better for their customers. Mega888 rolls out update on their interface, their games, their security and more.

A Lot Of High Quality And Exciting Games

Just like their closest challengers 918Kiss, also offers a great selection of high quality and exciting games for their customers. Their games are varied in many ways and types, such as table games, slot games, virtual sports, and many more.

And the games on are not only varied, it’s also high quality and very exciting. The games on Mega888 is of high quality with great graphics and engaging game play.

This means that for Mega888’s customers, they will never be at a want when it comes to games. There will always be games that are perfect for them to try out.

Disadvantages Of Mega888

Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshines and roses for it. While there are a lot of good things to like about them, there are also things that they can and should improve on. Let’s have a look.

Hard To Find Legit Mega888 Website

When you are one of the leading names in an industry, you are bound to have pretenders. And this can be a major problem, if you don’t take steps to combat it. Unfortunately, Mega888 is not doing enough to combat this.

If you run a simple Google search, you will see a bunch of websites claiming that they provide access to the official platform for you to use.

Which one of these is legit? We have no idea. So far from our research a lot of them do provide access to the official platform, but this also means that it’s easy for potential its customers to get scammed by fake websites.

Slow Load Times

Another problem that suffers from is that their load times can be slow. As we’ve mentioned, rolls out constant updates for their platform. While this is good, this can also be bad for the platrform’s load times.

It can be a problem for their users, as no one wants to wait for 5 seconds before they can find the game that they want to play, or actually play the game.

Updates also means that the platform can go offline at some inopportune times.

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