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A challenger for the throne. Live 22 might not be as popular as 918 Kiss or Mega 888, but that doesn’t mean that it’s in any way inferior.

  • Wide Array Of Games
  • Safe And Secure
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Load Times

When talking about the online gambling platforms, usually it’s only the same names that come up. Other than Mega 888 and 918 Kiss, others are considered as pretenders to the throne, and not worth warranting any attention.

But there is one online gambling platform that proves to be a worthy competitor to the Mega 888 and 918 Kiss duopoly. And that is Live 22.

If you’re looking for the short version of this review, here it is; Live 22 proves to be a challenger for the lofty throne occupied by the Mega 888 and 918 Kiss. Live 22 might not be as popular as the two of them are, but it doesn’t mean that it’s in anyway inferior.

History Of Live 22

Compared to it’s contemporaries, Live 22 doesn’t have much of a history to talk about. Unlike other gambling platforms that might be a relabeling from their old names, Live 22 is a completely new brand. Live 22 truly are, new to the game.

But as we’ve mentioned before, just because Live 22 is new, it doesn’t mean that they are inferior compared to their peers. So let’s look at their advantages.

What Makes Live 22 Good

Here’s a list of what makes Live 22 a worthy alternative for Mega 888 and 918 Kiss;

Wide Array Of Games

Just like Mega 888 and 918 Kiss, Live 22 offers tons of games for their users. From slot games to live casino games such as baccarat and blackjack, Live 22 has everything that you might want. Although as of now their list of games might not be as big as both Mega 888 and 918 Kiss, but rest assured, they will only grow from here.

Mobile Friendly

Live 22 also has the feature of being very mobile-friendly. In fact, it can be seen that Live 22 was actually designed more for smaller screen devices. This can be seen in their button placements, thumbnail sizes, and the responsiveness of the platform.

Mobile users of Live 22 won’t have to worry about a clunky interface or awkward clicks, as their design eliminates all possibility of those.

Safe And Secure

Live 22 also boasts a fully encrypted platform, meaning any info you give them is safe and secure, with very little possibility of getting leaked. So you can game without worries.

Drawbacks Of Live 22

Of course, being new means that there are still things that Live 22 can do to improve their platform. Here are some of them;

Load Times

Now this comes as a weird conundrum. Live 22 looks like they are made for the smaller screen devices, so you might think that they will boast fast load speeds as well. Unfortunately, they do not. Live 22 needs to improve on their load times for a more seamless experience for their customers.

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