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One of the best, if not the best online casinos around. 918 Kiss earned and completely deserve their reputation as the premier online casino in Malaysia.

  • Mobile-Friendly And Available On Most Devices
  • Copious Amount Of Games
  • Secure And Encrypted Website
  • Simple And Easy To Use
  • A Lot Of Copycats And Frauds

When we’re talking about online casinos platforms, one online casino platform stands out. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about 918 Kiss.

Now to save your time, let’s just get it out there. 918 Kiss is one of the best, if not the best online casinos around. 918 Kiss earned and completely deserve their reputation as the premier online casino in Malaysia.

But before that, let’s get into the history of 918Kiss first.

History Of 918 Kiss

Although 918 Kiss was officially launched since 2018, it has been around for longer than that. Before that, it was known as SCR888, another online casino platform that was very popular at the time. But with their rebrand to 918 Kiss, they managed to bring the platform to another level, and now they enjoy a reputation of being the premier online gambling platforms in South East Asia, with users all the way from Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.


Why 918 Kiss Is The Best

The reason why 918 Kiss is so widely regarded as the best among their peers is simple. You name it, 918 Kiss has it. Countless amount of games, a simple withdrawal and deposit process, a secure encrypted website, 918 Kiss has it all!

But let’s discuss the advantages that 918 Kiss has.

Mobile-Friendly And Available On Most Devices

If I have to choose one reason for 918 Kiss’ popularity and why it’s so beloved by it’s users, it has to be it’s mobile-friendliness. Gone were the days where you had to navigate awkward button placements, slow loading speeds and a cumbersome interface.

918 Kiss clearly designed their platform to be used on mobile devices, and this can be seen in just how accessible everything is.

It also helps a ton that the 918Kiss platform is available on all popular devices and Operating Systems.

Whether you’re using an android platform or an iOS platform, 918 Kiss is available for you.

918Kiss’s mobile-friendly interface also means that you no longer are restricted to gambling at a certain place or time.

With their mobile application, you can gamble on 918Kiss at anytime you want, anywhere you want.

All you really need is a working internet connection, and you’re good to go.

Now anytime you feel like gambling, you can just go on 918Kiss and do so!

Copious Amount Of Games

Another reason why 918 Kiss is so popular with their users is the sheer amount of games available in the platform. Whether you like playing traditional casino games or new modern slot games, 918 Kiss has just the right thing for you.

This is a huge advantage because let’s face it, gambling on one game over and over again can get boring after some time. With 918Kiss, you won’t have to worry about this. Every time you get bored of a single game, you can just switch to another game that is on 918Kiss.

The sheer number of games on 918Kiss can also help you win more. If you think that your luck is going under on one game, you can just change games and see where it takes you.

Secure And Encrypted Website

During online gambling’s infancy, the internet were bursting with stories scaring people off from online casinos. From outright cases of fraud and scams, to leaked passwords and personal identity, people had tons of reasons to not trust online gambling casinos.

But 918 Kiss managed to change this. With their trusted, secure and encrypted website, all the doubts were erased. People started trusting online casinos, and 918 Kiss especially.

When it comes to safety and security, 918Kiss just can’t be beat. 918Kiss is trusted by every single one of their users, and this shows just how safe and trusted 918Kiss is.

With 918Kiss, you will not have to worry about leaks of your passwords and personal identity.

Simple And Easy To Use

Another really good thing about 918 Kiss? Is just how accessible it is, even for people who have never tried online casino. It’s easy and simple to use.

From the withdrawal and the deposit process, to how to login and play, everything is designed for a complete newbie.

They even got a ‘no money used’ mode, where you can just try out the game without using any of your real money.

This really helps people who have never tried or have no prior experience of gambling online at all. With 918Kiss, you can just try it out, take your own time, learn it at your own pace and start using real money whenever you want.

918Kiss takes good care of their customers and try to gain new customers by applying these steps. 918Kiss is basically the best place for you to try online gambling. 

Drawback Of 918 Kiss

Strictly speaking, as an online gambling platform, there is not much bad things you can say about 918 Kiss. In fact, it’s as good as an online casino can be. But if we must nit pick and choose a con of 918 Kiss, there is only one;

A Lot Of Copy Cats And Frauds

Some people say that popularity can be a curse. And in 918 Kiss’ case, they might be inclined to agree. With their popularity and reputation as the #1 online gambling platform, there are a lot of people out there impersonating them.

So before you download 918 Kiss, make sure you’re doing so from the real website, or you might get scammed.

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